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Athens 06 April 2015

World Health Day:

“How safe is your food?”

The 7the April, the anniversary of the World Health Day and the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO), comes to remind us that eating food does not only play a role in satisfying the feeling of hunger but contributes to maintaining health and the quality of life human's. This year, P.O.Y. selects one of the major issues of global public health concern – safe food.

With the evolving global economic crisis that humanity is experiencing today, the need to make available sufficient and safe food is more urgent than ever. The field of Food Safety faces new and dynamically evolving challenges as a result mainly of globalization and trade liberalization, new technologies and climate change. The food production, processing and distribution chain is becoming more and more complex. These conditions favor both the appearance of new emerging risks unknown until now and the reappearance of others that we thought we had gotten rid of.

EFET works closely with the relevant EU institutions. and the corresponding European bodies, the European Food Safety Authority, national authorities and International Organizations, proving that it is an active partner so that the consumer knows that he is using safe, healthy and quality food. Also, within the framework of his responsibilities and having responsibility for the planning, organization, supervision of the country's official controls in the food sector, he has contributed over time to the improvement of the level of compliance of food businesses with the requirements of the legislation and therefore the level of food safety and hygiene in our country.

It should be emphasized that in addition to the institutionalized responsibility of food businesses for the production and distribution of safe food, the consumer has an essential role in forming dietary choices based on proper information about the safety and nutritional value of food.

On the occasion of the anniversary of World Health Day, EFET recommends consumers to they are informed about safe & healthy options.


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