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Headquarters: Stavros Thessaloniki

PHONE: 2397 103 732

EMAIL: tsigerliotis.k@gmail.com

WEBSITE: https://eatrightdiet.gr



These terms of use define the terms and conditions under which the EATRIGHTDIET | KONSTANTINOS TSIGERLIOTIS has its services on the internet

THE EATRIGHTDIET | KONSTANTINOS TSIGERLIOTIS reserves the right to modify and update these terms of use, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes take effect from their public appearance on the Website.



For the purposes of this, the following definitions apply:

  1.  "Commercial communications" - all forms of communication that aim to promote, directly or indirectly, goods, services or the image of our Company to our customers.
  2.  "Website" - the website that is accessible through the domain name https://eatrightdiet.gr
  3.  "User" - the customers of our company who are connected to the website https://eatrightdiet.gr


Content accuracy

The company  EATRIGHTDIET | KONSTANTINOS TSIGERLIOTIS makes every effort to ensure that the content of this website is accurate and up to date. However, the company does not provide any warranty (express, implied or otherwise) regarding the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this website.

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Prohibition of commercial use of the content of the website

You may use the content posted on this website only in the manner expressly authorized by the  EATRIGHTDIET | KONSTANTINOS TSIGERLIOTIS.

The purpose of this website is to provide information related to its services and activities  EATRIGHTDIET | KONSTANTINOS TSIGERLIOTIS

Users are not permitted to use this website, or any content posted on it, permanently or occasionally, for the purpose of promoting any commercial purpose, including (indicatively) advertising, promoting or creating actions on another website.



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