The biography of K. Tsiggerliotis in detail,
Dietitian - Nutritionist

Hello, my name is Konstantinos and I'm here to help you ...!

I am a nutritionist - dietitian, a graduate of the Department of Nutrition - Dietetics of the Alexandreio Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and a holder of a postgraduate diploma in clinical dietetics from the International University of Thessaloniki.

1st Step

We analyze your nutritional needs and discuss your daily life

2nd Step

The diet that you take in your hands, is perfectly adapted to your daily habits

3rd step

We monitor in each session the progress of the program and if it satisfies you, then we adjust it

Nutrition conferences

He has participated in numerous nutrition and dietetics conferences (Panhellenic Conferences on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Panhellenic Conferences on Nutrition & Dietetics, Panhellenic Medical Conferences on Obesity, Macedonian Nutrition and Dietetics Conferences, etc.), as well as

At the same time, he has been in charge of research programs in the local government and specifically in the Municipality of Volvi ("Interventional Nutrition Education Programs for the Treatment of Degenerative Diseases").

Konstantinos Tsigerliotis

T. 2397 103 732

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Also, in the context of school activities and the thematic week, he has visited Primary and Secondary Education schools of the Municipality of Volvi with informative speeches on childhood obesity.

He works as a freelancer and his nutrition-diet center is located in Stavros of the Municipality of Volvi.

Research programs

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He has participated in the research programs "Alliance for Health" and COSI (Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative) in collaboration with the Department of Dietetics and the WHO. (World Health Organization).

Change habits, improve your health and see the positive side of life!

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