AEO Announcement for NUTRITION (weight loss caps)

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EOF announces that, according to information from the competent Danish authorities, to product NUTRITION (weightlosscaps) distributed in Europe, possibly via the Internet, is not approved, contains the medicinal substance  SIBUTRAMINEand may be dangerous for the user's health.

The product may be sold in Greece via the internet. The medicinal substance SIBUTRAMINE it has been withdrawn from the European market since January 2010 because it can cause serious side effects, especially cardiovascular diseases. Since its existence SIBUTRAMINE not stated, the products may be administered in situations where they are contraindicated, or the products may interact with co-administered medications.

The attention of consumers is drawn, so that in case they come into possession of products with the above-mentioned characteristics, they should not use them and inform the EOF immediately.

We point out again that the purchase of EOF products from non-approved sources, such as the Internet, may endanger the health of the consumer.


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